Citizens expressed anger over the continuous power cut being experienced across the TRNC

Citizens have expressed their anger over the continuous power cut being experienced across the TRNC lately despite the increase in electricity tariffs.

There have been a series of alternating power cut by Kib-Tek across the TRNC in the last few days which is due to a lack of investment in the sector.

Citizens who couldn't take it any longer revolted.

Speaking to local media, YENİDÜZE, citizens pointed out that they paid high costs but still there was a power cut.

Evaluating the electricity hike in the past weeks, they said, “The air conditioner is an ornament on the wall. We are afraid to run it because it will be reflected on the bill. We are freezing, but we cannot reach the remote control of the air conditioner.

Another said; “We are getting worse day by day, it does not work with current policies. Only if we get involved in international law will we be able to see our way forward."

Another citizen said;

“What can we say about what happened? We are living in very difficult times economically. As if the hikes were not enough, we are experiencing a power outage. Even if the interruption is in 1 hour or 2 hours, it affects life because the weather is very cold. There are people who have small children or are sick. This grievance should be remedied as soon as possible.”

Another said;

“I don't understand how there can be interruptions every day in such distress and stress and there is no solution to it. The electricity goes out just when we are going to do business. If the machine does not work, I cannot sell…

We passed it, there are people with children at home. We can still manage, but it is a big problem for children. Another aspect of the business is economic. It is not right to make such a raise at a time like this. The minimum wage increase was withdrawn with these hikes. We are always victims, enough is enough.”

Another said;

“The electricity is cut off during the hours when our business is active. When the electricity is cut off, we can't do business, we can't cook. The market is already very bad, people's purchasing power is already zero, there is a raise every day, and the power cut is a big obstacle for us just when we are going to do business. Promises are made before the election, but they are forgotten after the election. Unfortunately, there is no future in this country. We are getting worse day by day.”

Another said;

“Both the hike has been made, and there are constant power cuts. Electricity goes out at an hour that will never happen. People suffer anyway. It is not right to experience interruptions in this cold weather. To be frank, there is no future left in this country. This is not working with current policy, it is getting worse day by day. Only if we get involved in international law will we be able to see ahead.”

Another stated;

“There have been a lot of raises lately. The purchasing power of the people was destroyed in the face of these price hikes. With these hikes, they are forcing people to migrate because there is no future left in this country. Those who can flee the country will flee, and those who cannot, will continue to crawl here. There have been constant power cuts lately, and this makes people say 'give up'. It's constantly crashing and it's nothing new. On days when there was a heavy rain or storm, the electricity was always cut off. I honestly don't understand why this issue can't be fixed. We both pay a high amount and there is a downtime as a result of a breakdown. We are victims anyway.”

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