Majority of inmates in north Cyprus prisons are foreign students

It has been disclosed that the majority of inmates in prisons across the TRNC are mostly foreign students. 

The revelation comes as Prison officers in the country demand that the government address the staff shortages and the transfer to the new prison building in Minarelikoy, which was completed one year ago.

Speaking on the issues, the head of KTAMS union, Güven Bengihan said; there is a larger number of foreign students in prison.

Out of 191 foreign national prisoners, 113 were students. Our university bosses complain about their students being insulted, but those who come to the country under the name of student and get involved in drug and prostitution trade and money laundering are walking around as students. We ask the government to pay attention to these as well. Anyone holding a student ID should not enter the country. These warnings should be heeded”.

***What does he mean by "Anyone holding a student ID should not enter the country"? 

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