Outrage in Cyprus after UK posts video showing a changed map of Cyprus

A You-Tube video posted by a British defence ministry and later deleted, had displayed a reshaped map of Cyprus, that excluded the north of Cyprus and and the British bases has resulted in public outrage.

The 32-second video, which was taken down after public outcry, was trying to depict all of the countries that have condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and those that didn’t.

The very short video flashes only a map of the country and its flag. The Cyprus map was distorted without the northern part and with the British bases missing. 

Disy, South Cyprus ruling party, on Monday said it expected the government to take the necessary steps concerning the video.

“The United Kingdom department of defence has posted on social media videos of countries condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, depicting Cyprus without our occupied territories and British bases,” Disy said.

“Despite the fact that this video has been removed, we are sure that our government will proceed with all the necessary actions,” the party added.

Other political parties also condemned the UK over the video.

Some media in the TRNC also picked on the incident with some claiming that the UK had finally officially recognized the reality in Cyprus.

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