Adopted children can now apply for TRNC citizenship

The TRNC has passed a bill that allow adopted children to apply for citizenship.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, which envisages granting TRNC citizenship to adopted persons, was passed unanimously by the committee, and is currently on the agenda of the Parliament. 

The proposal prepared by the UBP Deputy official Canaltay was published in the Official Gazette and brought to the public's attention. 

In the proposal of the law; according to the current law; It was stated that the TRNC citizenship belonging to the adoptive mother and/or father or both could not be granted to the adopted children.

It was stated that the article "Acquisition of Citizenship through Adoption" would be added to the Citizenship Law.

With the amendment to be made, it was stated that the adoption would not affect the citizenship of the adopted child, and it was stated that the minor adopted by a TRNC citizen will acquire citizenship.

If the work is realized; A child who is adopted by a TRNC citizen will be able to acquire TRNC citizenship if the heir applies to the office within 1 year at the latest.

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