TRNC Prime Minister, responds to Friday's massive protest, blames opposition

TRNC Prime Minister, Faiz Sucuoğlu has responded to Friday's massive protest in Lefkosa by Unions against the government over hikes in recent weeks.

In a social media post on Sunday, Sucuoğlu said:

“Dear social media friends, all our citizens;

From now on, I will try to meet with you, share my views, and answer your questions on Sundays, whenever I have time, as well as in the mainstream media.

Keeping the dialogue path open is not a new practice for me, it is a way of life that I will not give up in my social, professional and political life.

Dear Friends;

Thanks to the mass media, which has become an indispensable part of our lives, we can instantly monitor the developments in the world and immediately observe the details of the ongoing global crises and their reflections on us.

I intend to give you more detailed and technical information about the reason for the increase in fuel and food prices.

We will call out to our people and explain the steps we will take in the near future.

Thankfully, our understanding is clear and everything is clear and understandable.

In the action held on Friday, April 1, we listened to the demands and complaints of the participants, which were put forward with democratic maturity, and took our notes.

We talked to the youth, drank their tea, listened and talked with the youth during the action held in front of the Prime Ministry.

We are always ready to listen to opposing views and rhetoric, taking into account economic concerns...

Dear brothers and sisters;

We have witnessed many periods when masses were tried to be manipulated for the sake of political interests.

The file of the main opposition CTP on this issue has been quite high in the past…

We watch the efforts of the CTP, which has spent almost half of the last 30 years in government, to purify itself from issues and problems.

Every time they come to the government, this people has not forgotten the understanding that has imprisoned the country's administration in narrow-framed MYK and Party Assembly Decisions, and that even the appointments of bureaucrats are approved by the Party Assembly.

While we expect the Republican Turkish Party to contribute to us with more creative ideas, unfortunately, it bows to narrow-minded grassroots pressure and succumbs to populism.

Thanks to the Chairman,  Tufan Erhürman , he is trying to criticize me, my party and our government, morning and evening.

When I read or listen to it, I would like to see the elements that can obtain concrete suggestions and data from him...

Nevertheless, we follow the statements of Mr. Erhürman in the media with astonishment and sadness.

Erhürman, who rejected our proposal to form a government with trivial excuses and tried to put the responsibility on everyone except themselves, as usual, and emphasize that we want to find out what he thinks with concrete proposals for today, not for small political calculations 3-4 years later. I want."

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