Ukrainians now cook their food on street with firewood

Ukrainians, now try to cook their meals by lighting a fire on the streets of war-torn city of Borodyanka, where there is no electricity and gas due to the war. 

Borodyanka has been subjected to heavy bombardment by warplanes since the first days of the Russia’s attacks on Ukraine.

In the ruined city, where electricity and natural gas cannot be provided, people have been cooking for themselves and the needy people by lighting fires on the streets for weeks.

Anatoli, a local whose house was severely damaged in the war, said that people cook food and prepare hot tea with their neighbors on a wood fire every day in front of their houses on one of the main streets of Borodyanka.

Noting that they have never left their home since the beginning of the war, Anatoli said they were deprived of many basic needs, especially electricity and natural gas.

Anatoli also added that he obtained some of the food products from aid volunteers and Ukrainian soldiers.

Ekaterina Makhrina, 43, Anatoli’s wife, said she cooks not only for themselves but also for their neighbors.

“We’re trying to help everybody somehow,” she said.

Stressing that she expects gas to be supplied to the city in the coming days, Makhrina said that she thinks electricity will come much later.

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