Costs of imported goods in North Cyprus more expensive than in the south

Image source: Yeniduzen
In a comparative review of imported products, Yeniduzen reports that some imports are cheaper in the south and some are cheaper in North Cyprus.

Although the balance has changed following the depreciation of the Turkish Lira, the advantage that favours the south is still remarkable, especially in imported products. The main reason for this is funding, high transportation costs or profit margins.

For example Yeniduzen’s shopping basket showed that imported products such as toothpaste, Nescafe and shower were more expensive in North Cyprus, compared to the south.

Comparing equal sizes, Colgate toothpaste costs 90 TL in the north and 66 TL in the south. A 200 gram jar of Nescafe Gold costs 224 TL in the north and 100 TL in the south. Dove shower gel is 71 TL in the north and 55 TL in the south. The price of 10 Gillette razor blades in the north is 84 TL and 58 TL in the south.

Meanwhile imported cheese such as Kerrygold Cheddar is very expensive on both sides of the divide. However, surprisingly, despite the exchange rates 200 grams of Kerrygold Cheddar cheese costs 44 TL in North Cyprus and 62 TL in the south.

At the same time Kerrygold butter (227 gr) is 61 TL in the north and 70 TL in the south.

Yeniduzen, LGC News

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