Extra charge on electricity bills cancelled by TRNC government

The Fuel Exchange Value charge has been abolished by the same administration which introduced the extra charge.

According to report by Yeniduzen, after the new ruling and extraordinary increase in Kıb-Tek tariffs, the addition of the ‘Fuel Change Fee’ on bills caused outrage. The additional charge was described as “double taxation” and illegal.

The extra charge  initiated by the UBP-DP-YDP government was revoked by the same government.

Following the abolition of the Fuel Exchange Value charge by the Council of Ministers, a former Board Member of the Cyprus Turkish Electricity Corporation (Kib-Tek) Yusuf Avcıoğlu, questioned the Minister of Finance Olgun Amcaoğlu, on social media.

Pointing to Amcaoğlu’s previous statements regarding the extra charge, Avcıoğlu emphasised the phrase “a crime was committed” and asked, “Who committed this crime?” 

Avcıoğlu raised the following questions:

1) Since a crime has been committed, who committed this crime?

2) Will an investigation be launched against the perpetrators?

3- What legal action will be taken against those who commit crimes?

4) What are Kib-Tek’s actual production costs?

5) Is the sale [of electricity] made in accordance with the regulation?

Yeniduzen, LGC news

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