Police report four different accidents involving drunk drivers in one night in north Cyprus

Image source: Havadis
Four traffic accidents occurred in different regions across the TRNC on between Wednesday and Thursday night and according to report, all four of the drivers, who caused the accidents in which 6 people were injured, were drunk.

During the said period, four traffic accidents occurred on the Lefkosa-Guzelyurt, Lefkosa-Famagusta main roads and within the Ercan Airport construction site.

While two of the four drivers who caused the accident, all of which were said to be under the influence of alcohol, were arrested, two drivers were kept under observation at the hospital due to the injuries they got in the accident.

A 24-year-old pedestrian injured in the accident and three people aged 40, 24 and 22, who were passengers in the vehicles, were observed in the hospital after their treatment.

According to police statement, at around 1:00am, on Thursday, May, 12, 36-year-old Cagin Altinoglu, who was under the influence of alcohol was driving towards the Gonyeli round about when he bumped into 24-year-old Mustafa Kan, who was trying to cross the road at the intersection.

The pedestrian injured as a result of the accident and taken to the hospital while the driver was arrested. 

At around, 12:50am on Thursday, 25-year-old Gazihan Bingül was driving carelessly under the influence of alcohol towards Lefkosa on the Lefkosa-Famagusta main road when he crashed unto a car in front who had slowed down just after the round about at the junction of the new ring road.

The vehicle in front was thrown to the left side of the road and came to a stop after hitting the steel barriers due to the effect of the collision. Rümeysa Adana, 22, who was a passenger in the vehicle was injured as a result of the accident.

Also, at about 10:30pm on Wednesday, at the Lefkosa-Famagusta Main Road, 69-year-old Ali Sivri, while driving carelessly towards Famagusta while under the influence of alcohol when he lost control of the vehicle at a roundabout close to the new ring road on the road. He entered the round about an hit the curbstones and traffic sign inside before coming to a stop.

And at 11:45pm at the Ercan Airport construction site, 50-year-old Mustafa Balık who was driving under the influence of alcohol hit a barrier. 40-year-old Atilla Aksakal and 24-year-old Umut Uğur Demirören, who were passengers in the vehicle that was injured as a result of the accident.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested.

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