Electricity prices will increase by 56-57 kuruş next month - Kıb-Tek Board Chairman

Image Source: Yeniduzen
The Turkish Cyprus Electric Authority, Kıb-Tek has announced that the price of electricity will increase between 56.58 kurus and 57 kurus per kilowatt next month.

In a statement by Kıb-Tek Board Chairman, Hasan Akyiğit, on Friday, he said electricity prices will increase between 56.58 kurus and 57 kurus per kilowatt.

There is a decision of the Council of Ministers on this issue. The cost of Kıb-Tek is calculated every two months. Whether there is a decrease or an increase in production costs, this will be reflected in the invoices. We have to do this every 2 months. Currently, our electricity costs are around 3.25 TL. Our sales prices are 2.70 TL. There will be an increase between 56.58 kurus and 57 kurus per kilowatt,” Akyiğit said.

Speaking to state media house, BRT, Akyiğit said;

“Kıb-Tek has a 120 megawatt power plant. They were founded in 1994. Instead of 120 megawatts, the power plants can produce between 105-110 megawatts. They don't have any malfunctions. There are 8 diesel generators in Teknecik. 1 is faulty. I don't think this repair will reach the summer. 7 diesel generators produce 119 megawatts. In our country, the private company AKSA can operate from a total installed power of 148 megawatts to 100 megawatts. As of today, there is a production of 325 megawatts, including AKSA.”

“Electricity need will increase to 360 megawatts in July”

“The electricity need, which has been around 225 megawatts during the day for a week, reaches its highest level after 20:00 at night, reaching up to 235-240 megawatts. There is no tightness at the moment. We expect temperatures to increase in early July. Considering the needs of the previous years, our need will increase to 360 megawatts in July. There is currently an opening. The power plants will come like a medicine in eliminating the deficit. I don't think we will have a power shortage this summer."

Power outages…

“There has been no power outage for the past week. We also announce the cuts through the press. Cuts are made for work and maintenance. There has been no cut for a week due to lack of production.”

“Around 650-700 tons of fuel is consumed”

“Around 650-700 tons of fuel is consumed per day these days. There are 3 20 tons capacity fuel tanks in Teknecik. Ships larger than 12 thousand tons cannot approach.”

Counter problem...

“There has been no meter in the Electricity Corporation for a long time. I am both sad and disturbed about this. As of yesterday, 3 phase meters entered the warehouse. We fixed the problems with single phase meters. We ordered 5 thousand single-phase meters. How do these meters come to Kıb-Tek in the fastest way, we will solve this problem.”

Source Yeniiduzen

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