Meat price increased by 30 TL to 200TL per kilo in north Cyprus

Butchers in TRNC have increased the price of 1KG meat by 30 TL on the grounds that "the prices of livestock have increased". 

The price of beef, which was around 150 TL per kilo, has now been increased to 180 TL and it is assumed that this figure will exceed 200 TL.

Since it has been said that “many shops will be closed”, animal producers are of the opinion that “Production is decreasing, they will not be able to find animals to slaughter”… demanding for State support to help farmers.

Both butchers and livestock producers explained that the inputs such as electricity and fuel oil were too high, and stated that they demanded 'state support for production'.

Explaining that the weight of beef has increased from 150 TL to 180 TL in the last two weeks, the butchers predicted that this will increase with each passing week.

According to butchers, "this will not stop, as people will not be able to buy, and many shops will be closed".

Some butchers, who stated that the variability in meat prices in the butchers was also due to expenses and meat supply, were particularly troubled by electricity bills.

Stating that the animal producers are not responsible for the price increase, Animal Breeders' Association President Naimoğlulları said, "If the prices of livestock are increased by 1 TL, the butchers put 10 TL on the meat."

Explaining that the Butchers' Association made a statement that "They will increase meat prices because the prices of livestock are increasing day by day", Naimoğlulları said, "There are many excuses, excuses such as labor and electricity are not valid for us as well?" criticized it.

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