Relationship with crime makes Nigerian students potential criminals in the eyes of society as Nigerians prepare to open universities in TRNC

A publication by Turkish Cypriot daily, Kibris Postasi on Tuesday, June, 15, 2022, stated that there is a plan by Nigerians to open a university in Northern Cyprus with and also expressed fear that Nigerians are involved in crime related incident in the country on a daily basis.

The daily in its editorial said; Nigeria is the African country with the highest population of immigrants after Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Somalia among who are experiencing civil war.

It said around 13,200 Nigerian students are studying at the universities of Northern Cyprus as of today.

It asked a huge question seeking an answer... Why do Nigerian students prefer to be student in Northern Cyprus, which is thousands of kilometers away from a geography where the national monthly income is approximately 400 dollars, that is, approximately 6500 Turkish liras, and where there are 116 universities ( )?

It went further to state that, such a demand whets the appetite of Nigerian investors to establish universities in the TRNC.

There are two questions that need to be answered urgently;
Why do Nigerian investors want to open universities in TRNC and why do Nigerian students prefer Northern Cyprus universities?

Serious questions to be answered are whether many of them came to the TRNC with student status dreaming of obtaining refugee rights in European countries, or whether they aim to achieve living conditions in the TRNC that they could not achieve in Nigeria.

Another question is whether they were brought to the island with student status as cheap labor.
Although the agency and brokers that bring students don't care, the Nigerian student reality should now be discussed in all its aspects due to the social problems it has started to create!

In addition, the fact that the USA has a student association under the name of VOIS Cyprus, which is claimed to be under the control of the Embassy of the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus and the Greek Intelligence Organization KIP, makes it necessary to discuss the political dimension and political consequences of the Nigerian student phenomenon.

On the other hand, not a day passes when the names of Nigerian students do not get involved in judicial events that hurt the public conscience.

Unfortunately, the rate of Nigerian students in crimes such as drugs, murder, rape, theft, assault and fighting is not to be underestimated.

And their relationship with crime makes Nigerian students potential criminals in the eyes of society today!

At this point, the task falls primarily on the Ministry of National Education and Culture, YODAK and universities.

It is a social and national duty to ensure the quality of education and to put into practice the student admission criteria, disciplinary regulations, class attendance and participation regulations immediately and inspected.

And without seeing every Nigerian student as a potential criminal, without being a prisoner of our prejudices, but on the basis of the Nigerian special example, it is a responsibility and duty to analyze the reality of students coming from underdeveloped or developing countries correctly, to evaluate them independently of economic interests, both against Turkish Cypriots and against their homeland. …

Because university owners do not have the luxury of losing their future in the shadow of their greed to earn more and save the day, Turkish Cypriots!


Imagine if Nigerians or even some of their ganged students owned a university here...

Believe me, we don't even want to think about it!

Because it's scary to even think about...

It also went further to state that, it is known that the activities of VOIS Cyprus President whose contacts with the US are also known by the security authorities, with the aim of creating the perception that Christian faith members are being oppressed in the TRNC by the missionary and US-Greek guidance and to cut the international student flow by leaving the TRNC and Turkish Cypriots in a difficult situation in the international arena. a fact. In the meantime, should not be overlooked that VOIS Cyprus posted a video that disparages the TRNC and its universities.

Moreover, with the guidance of the YODAK Presidency of VOIS Cyprus, the PresidentIts official acceptance by Ersin Tatar should also be discussed in all its aspects. On the official website of the TRNC Presidency, “YODAK President Prof. Dr.President who received Turgay Avc─▒ and VOIS Cyprus delegationThe news with the headline " Ersin Tatar (16.09.2021)" reveals the mental eclipse in institutions that should be against the structures and universities that are a threat especially in terms of national security and public security.

PresidentErsin Tatar 's head is not according to merit, but to the promise of fidelity! It is an indisputable fact that some appointments made according to the law will hurt. 

Kibris Postasi

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