Student house agent arrested for scamming several students over house rents

A 27-year-old student who introduced himself as a a real estate agent and defrauded another student by taking money from him has been arrested.

The suspect identified only as P.E, 27 was arrested on Tuesday, June, 19.

According to report, the suspect, introduced himself as a real estate agent but was a student in the country, fraudulently obtained money between 9,600 dollars and 1,500 pounds from many people in Lefkosa.

He was taken to court on Friday on charges of fraudulent money supply.

Police noted that between April 30 and June 14, 27-year-old PE, a resident Nigerian national and a student in Lefkosa, introduced himself on the grounds that he was doing real estate business under false pretense. In Lefkosa, the suspect was found guilty of fraudulently obtaining $900 from one Mangola Muhambe, $1100 from Efile Muyunga Cyntia, $1,000 from Neasdonal Mashebo Mufwansoni, $500 from Isaac Rusahri Lusafu, $1300 from Axel Massamba Evo, and Fortuna Isimba Fale. Shemba said that he took the money from Balupa with a deposit of 750 pounds, a total of 4,800 dollars and 750 pounds.

Police said it is investigating the verbal statements of the suspect and also stated that the determination of the residences that he promised to rent to the complainants and money provided.

Police said they expect to receive many more complaints against the suspect.

Evaluating the testimony in court, the judge ordered the suspects to be detained for 3 days so that the investigation could be conducted safely.

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