TRNC to introduce E-Visa for students and foreigners

The TRNC government is working on introducing E-Visa for students and foreigners who want to come to the country.

Speaking to Yenizuden, the Minister of Interior, Ziya Öztürkler, stated; the E-Visa (Electronic visa application), is a work that aims to increase the enrollment of students in the country and to filter more foreigners who intend to come to the country. We will set up this system around August-September. We are showing the will on this issue," he said.

The minister stated that the demands made by the students before they enter the country and their inspections in the field will be on a more solid basis.

“Various decisions taken in the past on immigration issues need to be regulated according to the conditions of the day. Unless a healthy control mechanism is established, it is not easy to get results.

He mentioned that with the e-Visa, people will apply for a visa from abroad without first coming to the country. He stated that the entries in the field will be much healthier in this context.  

He explained that all these studies cover the permit process that will be given after the inspection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the Universities.

The Minister also stated that they attach great importance to the e-Visa study and that they aim to implement it in the near future.

The Minister, who also gave information about the e-visa studies, said, "We are working with the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Police Immigration to switch to the e-Visa application, which is currently in technical work. The main thing here is to pass a preliminary inspection of all necessary documents of foreigners before they come to the country, instead of visa application at our border gates as in our current structure.

***Note, the new system is yet to be implemented.

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