Two people killed, two injured in fatal accident on the Lefkosa-Girne Highway

Two people were killed and two others injured in a fatal traffic accident that took place at midnight on the Lefkosa-Girne Highway. 

According to police press release, the incident happened at around 12:40am on Thursday, June, 1 on the Lefkosa-Girne Highway.

According to police description of the incident, the driver of the vehicle, Mohamed Abdalla Mohamed Abuzied, was driving fast and 'carelessly' from Girne to Lefkosa, when he approached the junction of the northern ring road and lost control of the vehicle which caused the vehicle to leave the road uncontrollably and then crashed into the road side barriers.  

The effect of the collision caused the vehicle to be thrown uncontrollably to the right of the road after which it hit the concrete median that separates the road.

22-year-old Sara Abdulkafir and 23-year-old Marwan Baderelden, who were passengers in the vehicle lost their lives in the accident. Two other people, Hassan Awad Hassan Elawad, who was a passenger in the same vehicle, was injured in the accident and being observed in the intensive care unit after his treatment.

The driver of the vehicle, 22-year-old Mohamed Abdalla Mohamed Abuzied, who survived the accident with minor injuries, was arrested after his health check. 

Police also stated that the suspect's blood sample was taken for alcohol and drugs.  

Police said Marwan Baderelden is a university student, while Sara Abdulkafir's status will be investigated.

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