Police can now test for drugs in traffic

The TRNC Assembly has unanimously accepted the "Road Safety Law", which will enable police to take a saliva sample with a special device for drug testing if they suspect a person at a reasonable level.

The "Road Safety Law", was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force on Wednesday.

According to the information in the Official Gazette, if the police do not have the necessary technical equipment and suspect the person reasonably, they can go to the nearest police station where the technical equipment is located or to the State Hospital and request a saliva sample.

On the other hand, according to the information stated that a person who refuses or refrains from giving a saliva sample will be deemed to have committed a crime, the police will have the power to arrest a person who refuses to give a saliva sample or avoids giving it in any way.

In the information in the Official Gazette, “reasonable reasons for refusing to give a breath sample or a biological sample” were also included. Accordingly, "a reason given in a medical report certified by the signature of a State doctor who is directly responsible for the treatment of a person for medical reasons" may be considered reasonable cause.

According to the information in the Official Gazette, if a person is found to be driving under the influence of drugs in traffic and the court orders his conviction, he can be sentenced to a fine of up to 5 times the monthly minimum wage, or a prison sentence of up to two years, or both.

In addition, the Court may prohibit the accused from holding or obtaining a driving license for as long as it deems appropriate.

On the other hand, the driving license of the person against whom such an investigation or prosecution has been initiated may be confiscated by the Court until the case is concluded.

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