Turkish Cypriot workers staged protest in Lefkosa against minimum wage carrying coffin

Image Source: Yeniduzen
Members of Turkish Cypriot Unions on Friday staged a protest in front of the Prime Ministry in Lefkosa carrying a coffin and wearing a mask after the the Minimum Wage Determination Commission failed to meeting due to absence of members.

The Unions feeling disappointed with the commission's failure to meet to discuss the increase in the minimum wage, staged the protest in front of the Prime Ministry carrying a "coffin representing the minimum wage earner in objection.

The meeting of the Minimum Wage Determination Commission on Friday, will convene again later in the day. If the commission does not meet again, this month's minimum wage; gross 7,000 TL, net 6,090 TL will be in effect.

The Union also carried out an action in front of the Ministry of Labor.

The unions, who stated that the minimum wage was left to die with the increase in the cost of living.

Banners reading "Stop paying the minimum wage to the minimum wage", "Let the hungry obey, let the ignorant give allegiance" and "We want a minimum wage worthy of human dignity" were also unfurled in the action.

HÜR-İŞ President Ahmet Serdaroğlu, who represented the workers' side at the table speaking at the action, said, "This action with a coffin will be real in the future.

Due to the government, the brain death of the minimum wage has begun. It's on the table, in the commission," he said.

Stating that the minimum wage is left to the initiative of the Minister of Labor and employers, Serdaroğlu said, "While they should reflect the cost of living, they left the minimum wage to die under various excuses. The employer and the government cooperate."

Serdaroğlu said that if an increase decision is made at the meeting, below the cost of living, "the death of the minimum wage worker will be declared and his coffin will be left in front of the Prime Ministry".

Meanwhile, another report said, the Minimum Wage Meeting has been postponed to next week. The Commission could not convene on the grounds that the representatives of the Minimum Wage Commission were abroad.

Speaking on the issue, Minister of Labor and Social Security Hasan Taçoy, said , "We have been working on determining the minimum wage for two months." 


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