TRNC to introduce amnesty for illegal residents and workers in the coming days

Amnesty for illegal residents and workers in the TRNC will come into force in the coming days, said Minister of Interior Ziya Öztürkler.

Ziya Öztürkler in a statement released on Wednesday stated that the scope of the recently issued immigration amnesty was narrowed in the parliament and the necessary efficiency could not be achieved for this reason, and noted that the new immigration amnesty, which he said will come into force in the coming days, will be more inclusive in the form of a general amnesty.

Öztürkler also stated that this is an important step in terms of registering people who are illegal in the country, who have to stay abroad or who cannot complete their transactions in the required time.

Öztürkler underlined that the Immigration Amnesty, whose legal and technical studies have been completed, constitutes an important part of the studies carried out to ensure registration in the country, and that this is not done randomly. 

Speaking on e-Visa, the Minister said, we are blocking the entry of people involved in crime in their country. We continue to work on e-Visa. As a complement to this, we are enacting a general Immigration Amnesty. I would like to express that the immigration amnesty for foreigners who have been sentenced for some reason in the country or who have been sentenced while abroad should be considered as a last chance.”

Speaking on security in the country, the Minister said; the necessary legal actions will be taken against foreigners who threaten the security and peace of the country, are involved in crime, and are accustomed to illegal life. He said that serious steps will be taken to ensure registration in the country. This country has its own laws and rules. "If you want to stay here, these rules must be followed," he said.

Stating that they are working diligently on both ensuring registration and fighting crime in the country, Öztürkler said, “Serious studies are being carried out in this regard in consultation with our General Directorate of Police and Security Forces, in line with their reports and within the framework of the studies we have done in our immigration system. Looking at it as of last week, I can say that nearly 1000 foreigners were deported from the country.”

Pointing out that the main thing is the control at the entrances to the country, Öztürkler explained that the list of sensational names, which was also reflected in the press, was evaluated in line with the reports of the General Directorate of Police, Security Forces and related stakeholders, and that their entry into the country was prohibited.

Öztürkler stated that the "E-Visa" application will also make a very important contribution in this context, and noted that the legal and technical steps of the "E-Visa" work have been completed, and the next step is the budget part, and that the Prime Minister supports them in this regard.

Stating that they are working to prevent the entry of foreigners, whose names are mentioned with organized crime gangs and who have been involved in crimes in their country, to the TRNC through strengthening the immigration system, the introduction of integrated systems and strict controls at the entrances to the country, Öztürkler said, “Foreigners who will disturb the peace of our people and pose a threat to public security will not be allowed to enter the country. . I would like to renew that I am determined on this issue”.

Öztürkler said, “While we ensure the security of the country with the works carried out for public peace, on the other hand, we protect our values ​​in both tourism and higher education fields. In this context, the steps we take in the name of registration are very important for the future and development of the country."

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