1,500 people were deported in 4 months and E-Visa to bring strict control at the port of entry

With the activation of the E-Visa Automation System, there will be strict control at the ports in the TRNC, said TRNC Minister of Interior Minister Ziya Öztürkler.

Ziya Öztürkler in an announcement on Tuesday said the budget approval of the project of the E-Visa Automation System which is aimed at controlling entrance into the TRNC, has been received.

According to a statement made by the Ministry, the E-Visa Automation System, which is considered to be the most important of the steps taken for the protection of national security and public peace, has been made ready for the tender stage, and the project budget approval, which will be tendered for 255,500 dollars from the Ministry of Finance, has recently been announced.

Noting that the work on the E-Visa Automation System was started a while ago to ensure the peace of the country, Öztürkler emphasized that with the renewal of the Immigration Systems, it is aimed to ensure registration in the country, deport foreigners involved in crime and update the immigration systems, and this will bring strict control over the entry into the country.

“The most important pillar of the basic vision is the E-Visa Automation System”

Öztürkler explained that since the first days they took office in order to protect the country's security and public peace, a multi-faceted work has been carried out, and that they have completed all technical studies as the Ministry for the implementation of the E-Visa Automation System, which constitutes the most important pillar of the basic vision they have put forward in this regard.

“1,500 people were deported in 4 months”

Stating that 1,500 people were deported due to irregularity or involvement in crime in 4 months with the inspections carried out in the country, Öztürkler said that meetings were held with the relevant stakeholders for the restructuring of the Immigration Systems and a comprehensive Immigration Amnesty was prepared as a last chance to ensure registration.

Minister Öztürkler said, “We will have taken an important step forward in these matters with the implementation of the E-Visa Automation System, which will reap the fruits of all our efforts and which I believe will be effective in reducing crime rates, and which will allow entry into the country to be controlled much more tightly.”

“People will go through the process of the E-Visa Control Office before they come to the country”

Öztürkler underlined that with the E-Visa Automation System, the information of foreigners who will come to the country will be pre-checked, and border security will be increased and people will be recorded.

Öztürkler said that with the e-Visa application, since another person who is inconvenient for public security will be known before they come to the island, the high costs that have been incurred by the state for deportation for years will also disappear, and added that the technical studies will contribute to the formation of the E-Government structure.

Öztürkler, who also gave information about the operation of the E-Visa Automation System, said, "With the activation of the E-Visa System, the necessary documents will be uploaded by entering the E-Visa portal from the official website of the Ministry of Interior, and after filling the official E-Visa form, the E-Visa will consist of seven different institutions. Applications will be checked and filtered through the system by the Visa Control Office," he said.

Öztürkler also stated that the E-Visa Control Office will consist of the Population Registration Office, the Immigration Department, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Health, the General Directorate of Police, the Ministry of National Education and the Tax Office.

Öztürkler stated that after the necessary evaluations are made by the Control Office, visas will be issued to legally eligible applicants online. He said the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of National Education and Ministry of Health contributed significantly to the establishment of the e-Visa system. Thanks to this cooperation, with the structure established, the 'E-Visa Control Office', which will consist of seven different institutions, will be enabled to work with integrated systems, and an important step will be taken for e-government by deduplicating the data of foreigners and all personal data on the systems.

Explaining that electronic transactions can be made easily through the E-Government portal, thanks to the basic structure to be created by the E-Visa Automation System, with full integration between the systems to be provided in the future stages, Minister Öztürkler stated that the door to the electronic transactions period will be opened by reducing the long queues in public institutions.

Source: Yeniduzen

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