Another video of couple assaulting a foreigner in south Cyprus surfaces again

Greek Cypriot police on Wednesday arrested a 76-year-old British man and his wife, also 76, in connection with an attack on a foreign woman in Limassol, south Cyprus.

According to police sources, the incident occurred at noon on Wednesday. .

A disturbing video clip of the attack against the woman from Iran, understood to be an asylum seeker, was uploaded to Twitter by the migrant support group Kisa on Wednesday.

In the clip, the man, believed to be her landlord is seen striking the Iranian woman multiple times including to the back of the head. He also grabs her by the hair, pulling her head down so he can hit her.

The wife appears to try to stop the man from continuing the attack but the victim said she, too, had slapped her in the past.

The victim who is the mother of a 3-year-old child said she had refused to pay the rent because the dwelling did not have electricity or running water.

Local authorities appear to have been notified of the troubled relationship between her and her landlord in the past – with the welfare services reportedly having been close to securing other accommodation for her.

The woman is now in the hospital and as soon as she is released, we will take her testimony,” police said. It also revealed that the victim had been hit on the back with a pair of scissors by the woman just before the man in the video is seen hitting her.

The clip has gone viral amongst the Cypriot community on some social media platforms and caused outrage, with many expressing their disgust at the attack – which appears to have left the woman stunned and in disbelief.

Commentators were quick in pointing to parallels to a seemingly similar case in late July when a middle-aged Cypriot man was captured on video beating a 29-year-old African asylum seeker. She was on the ground holding her infant in her arms.

The couple has been released on a €10,000 bond, with the wife spending the night in hospital on Thursday after feeling unwell during court proceedings in a Limassol court on Friday.

The trial is set to begin on September 29.

But they have been released on a €10,000 bond, with the wife spending the night in hospital on Thursday after feeling unwell during court proceedings.

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