There are 763 prisoners in prisons across the TRNC, 45 percent of them are foreigners

There are currently 763 prisoners in prisons across the TRNC and 45 percent of them are foreigners.

This was disclosed by the Minister of Interior, Ziya Öztürkler during a television program on Wednesday.

Ziyab, who shared the current data in Central Prison, said, “Central Prison currently has a total of 763 prisoners. 180 of them are Turkish citizens, 177 are TRNC citizens and 350 are foreigners from third countries. Here, we see that 45 percent of the prison is made up of foreigners.”

Explaining that within the scope of reintegrating the prisoners into society, cooperation protocols will be signed with EMU and EUL for education programs in the near future, Öztürkler said, “We will highlight the social reintegration projects of the prisoners in the New Prison, and support the conditions that will ensure the reintegration of the prisoners with the society, not only as a building but also with activities, training and improvement programs. expressed.

Expressing that he visits the existing prison once a month and listens to both the prisoners' complaints and the prison staff, Öztürkler said that "My job is ready, we speak the same language, nonviolent communication is possible, healthy life, strong society and women succeed" in order to reintegrate the prisoners into society. He underlined that it is very important for the people who were sentenced there to return to their normal lives without damaging their dignity, by getting an education.

Speaking on immigration, Öztürkler said that they acted with zero tolerance against those who stayed in the country irregularly and those who were involved in crimes in line with the controls made in the immigration systems and the reports of the police and security forces. He said that with the e-visa, a significant amount of control will be provided at the entrances.

Stating that everyone has important responsibilities, Öztürkler said, “Our business people, the Ministry of Labor, the universities and the Ministry of Education for students, the Ministry of Interior and Police Immigration for immigration controls, and our people who rent their homes to students, all have our responsibility in this regard. There are tasks. We act with this responsibility.” 

Öztürkler stated that with the e-visa Automation System, the information of the people who will come to the country will be checked in advance, the border security will be increased by making preliminary checks before they come to the island, and the people will be recorded more securely. Since it will be known before the arrival, the high costs that come out of the state's coffers for deportation will decrease for years. In addition, the e-government structure will be paved and the missing structure will be created.

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