Empty egg shelves in markets as demand increases

Egg shortage in the TRNC? Producers has stated that with the opening of schools towards winter and student arrival in the country, egg consumption suddenly increased and they had difficulty in keeping up with the demand.

The sudden increase in egg consumption in the country caused the egg shelves of many markets to become empty.

Both the Red Chickens, which have a large share in the egg production in the country, and the eggs of various other brands were not enough to fill the shelves.

The egg producers who were contacted by local media, YENİDÜZEN stated that factors such as the arrival of the winter season, the increase in consumption due to the colder weather, winter tourism, and the increase in the number of students in the country caused the shortage in the market noting that these were the factors responsible for the unexpected increase in demand.

While Yahya Çukurovalı, Marketing Manager of Kırnı Chickens, said, “We are struggling to keep up with the demand, we have taken the necessary precautions”, Günbey Eggs Director Ogün Hamzaoğulları explained that the production costs have increased a lot, and the inputs have risen due to the fact that the prices are in Dollars.

Noting that the demand in the market has increased excessively in recent days, Yahya Çukurovalı, Marketing Manager of Kırnı Chickens, said, "Winter tourism continues, the population has suddenly increased with the students and families coming to place them in the school, we are forced to keep up with the demand."

Explaining that they have taken the necessary measures according to the market needs, Çukurovalı said, "Production continues, there is no problem, we are forced to catch up with the market". 

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