Man who pasted heart shaped sticker on traffic light speaks about his reason for doing it

The man who pasted a heart-shaped sticker on a traffic light which made the red light turn on in the shape of a heart for a while in Lefkosa on Monday has spoken about the reason he did it.

Speaking to local daily YENİDÜZEN, on Tuesday, Burak Çetinalp, said "People in this country need love for people and nature." 

Burak Çetinalp in the early hours of Monday morning pasted a Heart-shaped nylon on the traffic light in front of Atatürk Sports Hall on the Fazıl Küçük Boulevard in Lefkosa. The event took motorists by surprise who took to social media to share their experience.

Police on Tuesday said they identified and sentenced him to a fine of 988.50 TL and 10 penalty points for "damaging public property."

Çetinalp said that he was impressed when he saw a photo similar to the action he performed on the internet a few months ago adding that he had his heart shape printed and then "glued it on the right day".

“At first I was thinking about February, but I have an impatient spirit... I wondered many times whether that gelatin will spoil or whether I should do it right away,” said Çetinalp.

Speaking on “What was the purpose of doing this?” He said:

“Actually, there are many issues. But the priority is awareness. There's a saying I really like about stop at a red light but don't stop someone else's heart. Another issue can be love and romance. Because people in this country need love for people and nature.”

Stating that he never thought that the incident could reach this point or that he could be punished by the police, Çetinalp said, “I got up in the morning and did it. The sticker was there when I passed by a few hours later. I didn't do this with bad intentions. I didn't think the reaction I'd get would be this big. But people made very good comments. It is impossible not to be happy. Not even the punishment given by the police is penalized anymore," he said.

When asked about the Cypriot painter Emin Çizenel's proposal that he "wants to pay the fine", Çetinalp continued as follows:

“I didn't ask anyone for help. Come the beginning of the month, I will pay my fine out of my pocket. However, if Emin Bey's offer is in the name of art, I can allow it. If a rich man offered it, I would not accept it. But the meaning and purpose of an artist's payment would be different...”


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