TRNC government to reintroduce multi-tariff in electricity

The TRNC Council of Ministers has decided to return to the "multi-tariff in electricity", which came into force in the 4-party coalition government but was abolished by the UBP - DP - YDP Government.

Ünal Üstel, who is the Prime Minister of the TRNC, announced that they had taken a decision from the Council of Ministers to implement the multi-tariff application.

The multi-tariff was first put into effect during the period of the CTP - TDP - HP - DP four party Coalition Government in 2018, but was abolished in February 2022 by the UBP - YDP - DP Government under the Prime Ministry of Faiz Sucuoğlu. 

Ünal Üstel said, “With the multi-tariff application, it will be possible for our people to control their own consumption and to reduce their bills if they use it within certain hours.”

Üstel said that KIB-TEK will make a detailed explanation about how the multi-tariff can be used and at what times and at what prices.

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