Court rejects appeal request of man who shot his wife in 2018

An appeal filed by a 65-year-old Turkish Cypriot man against his 25 years prison sentence over the murder of his wife in 2018 has been rejected.  

The appeal filed by İbrahim Erhalk against his 25 years prison sentence on the grounds that it was exorbitant was rejected by the Lefkosia Heavy Penal court on Wednesday

İbrahim Erhalk killed his wife Nigar Erhalk by shooting her with a hunting rifle on 26 July 2018 in Doğancı.

The decision of appeal was discussed in the presence of the Supreme Court committee sitting as a Criminal Court of Appeals. The committee upheld the sentence of the defendant İbrahim Erhalk by the lower court.

İbrahim Erhalk, in violation of Article 205(1(3) of the Chapter 154 Penal Code, shot his wife Nigar Erhalk, who was in the process of divorce, with a hunting rifle in his own name, on 26.07.2018 in Doğancı, with the intent to kill and an unlawful act. He was accused of murder by the way of death and accepted the accusation against the accused.

What Happened..

61-year-old at the time, İbrahim Erhalk shot and killed his wife Nigar Erhalk, 52 with a hunting rifle in their residence at Doganci at about 6pm on the day.

10 minutes after the incident, he called the hospital saying "I shot my partner" and dropped the call. The hospital then inform the police about the incident. When the police and the medical team got to the house, they found the woman dead and in her pool of blood..

Doğbılı İbrahim Erhalk was arrested and taken to a court in Lefkosa on the charges of homicide, manslaughter and carrying illegal weapon.

Before the incident, the couple who have two children, a boy and a girl live in England and were in north Cyprus since July 11 as part of a summer holiday usually embarked on by the family every year.

The man who own three restaurants in England had just sent their 10-year-old son back to England two days ago when the incident happened.

Meanwhile, the man who is in the process of a divorce from his wife had recently transferred all his properties to his two children said a report.

Since 2001, there has been 37 reported cases of women being murdered by various means in the country either with a gun, knife or violently, with gun being on the top of the list. 15 of those cases were between husband and wife, 4 between boyfriend and girlfriend while children who killed their mother accounted for the others. (This data may have changed in 2022).

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