Electric Scooters speed limit increased from 25 to 30

The TRNC has increased electric scooters speed limit from 25 to 30.

In addition to changing the speed limit in the definition of Electric Scooter, the rule of "loads other than backpacks should not be carried", which is among the rules to be followed, has been updated as "loads should not be carried (not more than 10 kilograms)".

The definition of "Electric Scooter" in the 1974 Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) Regulation was changed and the phrase "not exceeding 30 km/h" was added to the definition. Thus, the speed limit in the definition was increased from 25 km/h to 30 km/h.

A new clause has been added to the regulation for the rental of electric scooters. In the new article, it was noted that the criteria to be applied to those who will rent electric scooters and the rules to be followed, the rental license and fees will be determined by the Registrar. 

With the regulation made in the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulation last week, with the definition and determination of the rules for their use on the roads, additional regulations were made regarding the Electric Scooters, which have been legalized to be used on the roads of the TRNC. The said additional regulations were published in the Official Gazette dated 31 October.

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