There will be no Cyprus Talks until the TRNC is recognized - Tatar

TRNC president, Ersin Tatar has stated that the Cyprus negotiations could only begin following the recognition of the sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriot people.

Tatar made statement when receiving top UN official,UN Assistant Secretary-General for Europe, Central Asia and Americas Miroslav Jenca on Thursday.

He added that there were currently no grounds for the launch of new talks.

The president also said that the UN must take steps for the acceptance of the sovereign equality of the Turkish Cypriots.

Speaking after meeting with President Ersin Tatar on Thursday, UN Assistant Secretary-General Miroslav Jenca said: “I would also like to underline that during the meeting, I expressed our full commitment to continuing the dialogue. There is a prospect for a settlement for the benefit and development of the island’s inhabitants.”

President Ersin Tatar who also spoke to reporters after the meeting repeated the Turkish Cypriot side’s position that there will be no negotiations until the sovereign equality and equal international status of the Turkish Cypriot people is recognised.

He said that he had conveyed to the top UN official that the Turkish Cypriot side was no longer interested in a federal settlement as none of the decisions concerning a bizonal, bicommunal federal settlement taken in the last 50 years had been implemented.

“I believe that Mr Jenca understood me very well,” Tatar commented.

The president reminded that Turkish Cypriots continued to be subjected to inhumane embargoes and unjust isolation, that the international community continued to trick the Turkish Cypriots without keeping its promises and that Turkish Cypriots failed to see a positive response to the good will they demonstrated to date.

Tatar complained that the Greek Cypriots never supported equality or sharing with the Turkish Cypriots.

“A people cannot go punished for so long. Turkish Cypriots have done nothing wrong. We have always supported a settlement in Cyprus,” he said.

Tatar also argued that maintaining the Turco-Greek balance was also necessary for a lasting solution and stability in the region.

“If Türkiye is excluded from the Eastern Mediterranean with the influence of the EU and Greece, then it will never be possible to see a settlement,” he warned.

President Ersin Tatar however pointed out that the Turkish Cypriot side was determined to continue collaborating and cooperating with the Greek Cypriot side which was why it was continuing its good will at the technical committee level.

“We proposed a series of cooperation proposals in July and we want to produce outcomes on areas such as energy, hydrocarbons and mine clearing as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, evaluating the latest developments to the TAK news agency, President Ersin Tatar said that the international community had understood that the Turkish Cypriot people will not accept a settlement that will transform them into a minority.


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