Managing The Right Person

I have always said that Marriage/Relationship is like an employment /Job. And just like any company, it doesn't stop at selecting, screening and employing the most eligible candidate
for the job. 

You have to also manage that candidate so he/she can perform at optimal Capacity. Some companies even send them abroad for update courses.

Understand that when the best Person is hired but put under poor management and poor working conditions, it is inevitable for there not to be an under performance.

One of the prayers I prayed when I was single was that "God, when you give me the right person, please don't forget to give me the manual so I can manage him to be at his peak performance and be all you have designed him to be.

In business it is called "Human Resource Management". In family it is called Being a" Husband/Wife".

When you took that Do you have any idea or will you have any ideas that will help him continue to make or increase the figures or help her continue in her independency?

Fearing God is not statutory. He/she can fear God today and not fear God tomorrow. 

Do you Have measures in place to help you keep them connected to God? And since he is a fine man, girls will always flock or since she is a Smart Sexy Mother of 2, men will always pay compliments. 

Do you think you have the emotional Stability and discretion driven by wisdom not to act jealous and behave irrational? 

Will you Finance her travel abroad for conferences that will help her grow without rubbing it in her face? So you See, it doesn't stop at finding the right person.

It continues at managing the right person so they can continue to be the right person. No matter how much you love a person, ask God for their manual.

My prayer for you is that God will give you the wisdom to manage relationships. 

May He help you not to lose a good man/woman.

Author: Victoria E.

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