Man dragged off bus for smoking by fellow passenger and dumped on pavement

A man who decided to light up mid bus journey didn’t get far into his smoking break before an irritated passenger grabbed him from his seat and dragged him out of the bus.

The smoking man was dumped on his back. Picture: Humans of Bankstown
A viral video shows an elderly man calmly smoking the freshly lit cigarette on a moving bus. As he smokes the cigarette, the bus slows to a stop and he is approached by a man, who roughly grabs the strap of his bag, pulling him from his seat.

A small struggle ensues before the man is dragged from his seat through the aisle of the bus.

The camera then pans through the bus where the man can be seen being dumped onto the pavement.

The video was shared on the Humans of Bankstown Facebook page, attracting more than 800 reactions and more than 200 shares. 

The video also appeared on Reddit. Commenters suggested the video was filmed in Russia.
The man was filmed smoking on a bus before he was approached by another man. Source: Humans of Bankstown
The smoking man was dumped on his back. Picture: Humans of BankstownSource:Facebook
Commenters had differing reactions to the man being dragged off the bus, with some saying he asked for it and some calling it “cruel”.

Not very nice but grandpa asked for it, one man commented.
He didn’t get hurt, another commented. No smoking means no smoking.

But others felt the passenger’s reaction was just too harsh.

What cruel people don’t know how to treat the (elderly), one woman said. A little explanation could have helped.
Why didn’t they just take the cigarette and throw that outside? one woman wondered.
That was a bit aggressive. Chuck the durry out not the old mate. He probably has memory loss and forgot, another commenter suggested.
That’s not a proportional response, another agreed. I suspect the guy has some kind of mental or addiction problem.
You might get away with snatching the cigarette off him if you really wanted to make a point, but what this video really shows is an assault on an elderly and frail man who might not know his elbow from his proverbial.

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