Cosmetic surgery goes horribly wrong leaving woman in hell for years as forehead collapses over her eyes (PHOTOS)

Carol was desperate to recapture her youth after years of Botox and wanted something more permanent.

Carol first started having Botox for the vertical lines on her forehead and claimed the results were “amazing”, taking years off her face.

I was attractive, I felt confident and I was comfortable with who I was. But for the last six years, I have not been in public without my glasses until today, she said.

But over several years, Carol noticed that the treatments were as effective and wanted something more.

She had to have a 'skin block' removed from her back to re-contour her face.

After emotional letters were sent to doctors, Carol got one response with someone willing to help.

Silicone is permanent and people see it as convenient so they don't need top-up appointments like with Botox. But The Doctors explained that silicone is permanent and you don't know how people will react. They explained it was only a 'matter of time' for it to become an inflammatory problem.

Dr Reza Jahhary explained that when he saw Carol her face had been “rock hard” in some places and needed to be replaced. Carol underwent a major invasive surgery where “a block of skin” was removed from her back and placed across her forehead.

Carol is now able to step out in public again without sunglasses to hide her face but is campaigning so it doesn't happen to anyone else.

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