South African man hung four children to get revenge on his wife who wanted to divorce him

A sick South African man has been charged with hanging his four children after his wife allegedly served him divorce papers. 

South African media said police sources told them that while his son had gone out shopping he hanged the younger two children with their school belts from burglar-prevention bars on the windows. 

It is alleged that when Sphesihile then returned with treats for the family he was also strung up by his belt in a different room. 

The three children were later found hanging dead in their school uniformed by armed police who broke into the family home. 

Mpungose then tricked his wife's teenage daughter from a previous marriage to come out of school before hanging her in nearby woods. 
The mother first became concerned when she noticed unusual activity on her taxi App that showed trips being taken by her husband between their home and their children's school. 

It is alleged that he took his son Kuhlekonke, 4, (right) daughter Khwezi, 6, (second left) and son Sphesihile, 10, (far left) back to the marital home and then sent the oldest boy out to a local shop to buy them all snacks
She immediately went to a local police station at Wyebank in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province, and said she was scared of her husband and was frightened to go back to her home alone. 

A police team escorted her back and found the locks had been changed so they broke to door down to find the three hanging children.

Frantic Xolisile told officers about her fourth child Ayakha Jikane, 16, from a previous relationship and said she feared her husband may have gone after her in revenge. 

A police search team scoured the area and found the schoolgirl, who was top of her class, hanging dead from a tree in her school uniform. 

Mpungose went on the run on Tuesday afternoon after the alleged murders and was found the following day in another part of Durban where he was arrested.  

It has also been alleged that he called the biological father of 16-year-old Ayakha and told him to come and fetch his 'parcel' from the woods. 

When he was arrested it is alleged that he was in the process of trying to kill himself.   

He will face four counts of murder.  

He was remanded in custody until October 9 on Friday at the Pinetown Magistrates Court in Durban where he was charged with four counts of murder. 

Demons everywhere!

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