Greek Cypriot authority to implement new law that will bar third country nationals from entering the south from north Cyprus

South Cyprus authorities is planning on banning third country nationals from entering the country via north Cyprus.

The proposal was submitted to the Greek Cypriot council of minister on Wednesday.

The proposal includes a change of rules in implementation of the Green Line regulation.

Greek Cypriot Interior Minister Konstantinos Petridis noted that the number of third country nationals coming into the country through North Cyprus have increased significantly.

Stricter checks, or to completely prohibit asylum to illegal migrants coming from the north will be conducted.

Over the last three years, migration flows to Cyprus have seen a significant increase, especially from African and Asian countries, bringing the expected number to 15,000 migrants this year.

According to the statistics, 4,451 migrants crossed from the north in 2018, while data from the interior ministry in July said that 60 per cent of migrants came from the north this year.

If the current trend continues Cyprus will have 100,000 asylum seekers, corresponding to 3.5 per cent of the population, Petrides said last week, while he repeatedly stated that government-controlled areas should reexamine whether they can accept third-world nationals asylum seekers from the north.

The Green Line Regulation, formed in 2004 and amended a year later, allows third country nationals who reside legally in the north, or have valid travel documents, to cross to the south.

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