Happy Valentine's day.... Its all about love.

Undoubtedly the month of February is the month of love, expression of love and definition of love, while some school of thoughts are of the view that love is to be shown everyday and shouldn't be marked on Valentine days and I have always joined forces with the school of thoughts that celebrates saint valentines day on 14 February every year. 

No matter how one may want to classify their view(s) love must be celebrated, and dedicating a day to expressing of love,showing love, and all is worth it. 

Every day is important, but we all mark our birthdays one day of the year, every Sunday is important but one Sunday is fixed for thanksgiving, convention anniversary etc. Every Friday is important but one Friday is set aside for holy pilgrimage to mecca or El Dir something. 

While Valentine day may have an affiliation to an individual, its the significance that stands to bear. 

Love is the significance! Oh yes remind me of the abuse and ill of the day, and i will ask you to show me one day were one case of offense, killing, abuse, molestation, rape, accident, fighting, death, anger is not recorded worldwide.

Of all commandments love is the greatest, and don't get it twisted love is a beautiful thing, either its platonic, agape, or romantic,the bond of love brings friendship, trust, and affection. 

Celebrating love on Valentine day with that love one, family, crew, colleague or spouse cant be over emphasize. So don't let no body deceive you that you can always celebrate love everyday. Yes you can always be in love everyday, but you cant always mark/celebrate love everyday. So take this Valentine's day to celebrate you love for that someone, express your love to that someone,profess your love to that someone and live that love with that someone.

Remember nobody rejects love, put a smile on someone's face, take someone on a date, buy someone a flower, a gift, a meal. It could be a love interest, a crush, a partner, a colleagues, a Neighbor, a friend, an enemy if need be, but don't let this year Valentine pass without showing love to someone.

Don't let your religious belief becloud the message of valentine, its all about love and showing love.

I wish you a splendid February 14, a Valentine's day filled with all the true essence of love, friendship, and life. Show some love because that's why we are here,love can never be too much.

Written by
Udu "Celle" Bright.

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