Woman gets biggest surprise ever, as her boyfriend turns her birthday into their wedding day (photos)

This is the moment a woman found out she was getting married hours before her wedding - after her long-term boyfriend secretly arranged an 80-person strong ceremony behind her back.

Dave Griffin, 38, picked Sofie’s dress, bridesmaids and venue - but luckily she loved it all.

He was assisted by all her mates and her mum, Carolyn, who took her to a bridal boutique and encouraged her to try on a frock, saying:

It might be the only time I get to see you in a wedding dress.

Sofie and Dave married in June last year on her 30th - despite previously claiming she wouldn’t marry past the age of 29 as it was so old.

Sofie, 30, from Rhyl, north Wales, explained: 

Dave really had planned the perfect day, down to the last detail. He had tracked down my old school pals to be my bridesmaids, he had ordered a white Bentley.
He had even found my dream wedding dress – with a little help from my mum.

She continued: 

I had absolutely no idea at all, though I did become a little suspicious because he was spending so much time out of the house.
Apparently at one point I actually said to him: ‘Anyone would think you’re planning a wedding.’ but it was just a quip. I didn’t think that for a second.

She even got into a row with him the night before the wedding - after he revealed he would be away on her birthday.

Dave announced he was working and would be away overnight, and I was really cross because it was the night before my birthday, she admitted.
I realised he wouldn’t be there to see me open my presents and we had words before he left.

Sofie, a self-confessed ‘control freak’, said despite making no decisions relating to her wedding she loved it.

It was a fairytale, she added.

The newlyweds met in their local pub in October 2011, getting together months later and having baby Evan in August 2012.

But they never married despite Sofie being keen.

Our friends got married, she said. I was a bridesmaid once. Dave was best man three times. It made me really long to get married.
We went to so many weddings and I’d watch the happy couple making their vows and I was so happy for them – but I really wished it could be me too.
The years went by and I just thought we’d never get around to it. I thought I’d be single for good.
I always said I’d never get married after turning 30 too. I felt that was too old.

Due to turn 30 in June last year, Sofie decided to throw a party.

But her plans went on the back-burner during a busy spell at work.

Soon after, Dave had a dream in which Sofie’s late grandfather, Terry, appeared to him and urged him to marry her.

The vision was enough to set the wheels in motion.

So, secretly Sofie’s mum, Carolyn, managed to lure her out on a shopping day.

Sofie continued:

Mum had had a busy time on the family farm so I thought I was doing her a favour, agreeing to a day of shopping and pampering.

We passed a bridal shop.

Mum said:

This might be the only time I ever see you in a wedding dress. I went in and tried on a dress then thought nothing of it – because I knew there was no chance of me getting married.

Also behind the scenes, cars, venues and flowers were being booked.

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