Mayors of Lapta and Alsancak wants their region to be shutdown as ‘insensitive’ people are spreading the corona virus

Calls have been made to quarantine a vast stretch of north Cyprus coast towns from Kayalar to Esentepe over fears that ‘insensitive’ people are spreading the corona virus.

The mayors of Lapta and Alsancak said their areas should go into lockdown because some people were continuing to go out in breach of the rules, without any reasonable excuse.

Fears were heightened after they revealed that a Lapta resident who tested positive had made ‘contact’ with up to 25 people.

They were joined by Girne’s Nidai Gungordu who said he wants to ban anyone but essential suppliers from crossing his municipality’s boundaries. If the three men succeed in their requests to the government, freedom of movement would be halted for thousands of people across major population centres, including Girne itself and scores of surrounding villages. A total of 15 villages in the Karpaz have been sealed off since last Friday for a 14 period.

On Monday Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay introduced a full nationwide curfew from 9pm until 6am, with markets closing at 8pm. During the day, only workers with special permission are supposed to travel, with residents allowed just shopping and exercise breaks.

Lapta mayor Mustafa Aktuğ, said he had met with his Alsancak counterpart, Fırat Ataser, and they made a joint proposal to the Government for the regional lockdown that would see all 14 villages of Lapta and four villages connected to Alsancak, closed off.

Mr Aktuğ said: 

The problem is that even though a majority of our residents, and particularly our foreign residents, are abiding by the lockdown which we are thankful for during this crisis, there are a few who continue to ignore it.
These insensitive people are placing all of our lives in danger. A person who was tested positive this week had contact with at least 25 people. We have been forced to put all 25 people into a hotel, irrespective of their test results, for 14 days.
There are 20,000 people living in the Lapta region. It is incredibly difficult to have a full curfew imposed, but we have together with the Alsancak municipality asked the Government to enforce a full quarantine for at least ten days of both Lapta and Alsancak, and for state backing to be given so that we can deliver shopping and essential materials to households.
The Government has said they will consider such action if there are more positive cases of Covid-19 in the region. We need to remain calm, and we ask people to continue to self isolate.

Mr Aktuğ said they were continuing to see people walking on the Lapta coastal path despite the municipality shutting it down and placing obstacles and signs at the entrance points.

Mr Ataser also made the “unequivocal call” for a regional quarantine, saying: 

We have determined that up to 50 people have had contacts with people tested positive in the region. The problems for us could worsen as each day passes. Before the risks increase, Alsancak, Lapta and Karşiyaka should be put under quarantine, he said.

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