TRNC government introduces new measures, extends restrictions until May, 15

TRNC government has extended movement and restrictions at night in the country until May, 15 as ban on travel from one district to another has been lifted and the partial curfew to be removed on May 4, except on Sundays.

This was made known in an announcement by TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Özersay on Wednesday evening after a meeting by the Council of Ministers. 

Özersay announced that the Council of Ministers has made a decision to lift the 'partial' curfew from 4 May.

As of 6:00am on Monday, May 4, the intercity travel restriction is lifted. On Sundays, the ban on “going out to the street” will continue to be implemented, he said.
Here are the new measures taken by the government, 
- Restrictions are extended until 15 May,
- Arrivals to TRNC by sea is prohibited until 15 May
- Total lock-down at night between 9:00pm and 6:00am is extended
until 15 May.
- Intercity travel restriction will continue until May 4, and will be lifted from 6:00am on Monday May 4.
- Street markets, pharmacies, butchers and gas stations will be allowed to open on Sundays after Sunday May 4.
- As of Monday, May 4, pharmacies will return to normal hours.
- Banks will return to normal working hours.
- Mass events such as weddings, cinema, sports events etc. will not be held until May 15.

-Normal working order in the public is prohibited until 15th of May. Necessary flexibility will be shown to those in the risk group.
- If there is a possibility in public service places, public service will be provided according to the appointment system. The number of people who can be present in the building will be restricted and the mask will be mandatory.
- The decision that only TRNC citizens and their spouses and children can enter the TRNC through land, sea and air gates was extended until May 15.
- Mass meetings/worships will not be held during Ramadan.

-Suspension of places such as schools, kindergartens, classrooms, and study centers were extended until 15 May.

Except for the sectors to be opened as of May 4, sectors that will be closed will be closed until May 15.  

Conditions will be reassessed on May 15. Places to be opened as of May 4 will also be evaluated depending on the conditions.

The following will be closed until May 15:
-Tourism sector
-Bar, cinema, entertainment places
-Picnic areas,
-Stadiums, sports fields
-Public transport,
-Wedding halls, bet offices, night clubs
-Hairdressers and barbing saloons
-Children playgrounds,
-Cultural art, museum
-Restaurants, bakeries, cafes, buffets will also be closed. (They will be able to start home service starting from 11 May if on the condition that owners will test their own employees before 11 May). 

The reopening of these sectors will be announced by the Ministry of Economy and the criteria will be announced.

Özersay stated that there will be certain criteria and rules set by the Ministry of Economy and Energy especially in places that will be open until May 15, and that there will be criteria such as keeping customers' records, complying with hygiene rules, placing hand disinfectants, and not employing workers with chronic conditions.

He emphasized that businesses that do not comply with these rules will be closed without any warning and that they will be fined.

Özersay said that all businesses that will be opened after May 4 may remain open until 8:00pm at the latest.

Özersay also called on the public to comply with the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers.

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