Father stabbed to death by n.a.k.e.d son while live on Zoom

A father was allegedly stabbed to death by his n.a.k.e.d son while on a live Alcoholics Anonymous Zoom chat with his group.

Dwight Powers, 72, was video chatting with at least 20 people when they said they noticed him disappear from the screen.

One man on the AA group chat said a n3ked and bald man then came into view and appeared to be pulling sheets from the bed.

He said he thought the n.a.k.e.d man was using the sheet's to cover Dwight Powers' body at his New Jersey home in America.

The online witness said: 

Bedsheets were being ripped off the bed by a gentleman who appeared to be n3ked as well as bald and he had a tattoo on his left arm. Then he placed the bedsheets on the floor as if he was covering something up.

Another participant of the conference call said the man appeared to then notice the camera was on and covered that also, reports abc7.

He said: 

He discovered that people were seeing him through the camera, so he he covered up the camera.

Witnesses on the Zoom video call contacted police although did not know Mr Powers address.

They said it took them around 15 minutes to collectively work out where he was calling from.

Suffolk County police arrived to their home in the Amityville area and said Dwight's son Thomas Scully-Power, 33,, answered the door.

He then slammed the door on officers before fleeing the home though a window.

Thomas Scully-Powers was eventually found around a mile away and taken to police headquarters.

Scully-Powers was charged with 2nd-degree murder and taken to a local hospital for minor injuries he suffered after he jumped out the window.

Police say the father and son were the only two people living at the property.

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