Patient being tested for coronacirus virus in Turkey tries to escape from hospital using bedsheets

A foreign patient being tested for coronavirus in Trabzon, Turkey tried to escape from the hospital by tying bed sheets together from the window on the third floor.

A patient, whose name was not disclosed, went to a room with a window to escape the hospital where he had just been tested for the coronavirus. He then tried climbing down the makeshift rope from the window of the room.

But the length of the makeshift rope was not enough for him to reach the ground, as he was stranded as he could only climb down until the first floor when the sheets gave him away.

Security guards quickly surrounded him while he was clinging to the bed sheets.

People around the hospital also quickly informed the hospital management. He was rescued by security guards from the back garden of the hospital.

In a video showing the incident, passersby were heard saying, “Sir, what are you doing? You’re going to fall down.”

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