Afrika Newspaper in North Cyprus threaten to sue VOIS Cyprus co-founder, Emmanuel Achiri for calling him a racist

Owner of Afrika News paper, Şener Levent has threatened to sue the Co founder of "Voice of International Students in Cyprus" Emmanuel Achiri, for calling him racist over the use of ape as his new paper logo.

Emmanuel Achiri, had earlier in the week called out the news paper owner on Facebook for being ignorant and for refusing to heed to calls to change the logo of the news paper. 

Your so-called left wing progressive newspaper which espouses human values! Left wing yet clearly and willingly racist. We see through that facade Mr. Sener Lèvent. You can’t feign ignorance because on several occasions I have personally pointed out this issue to you and your staff. Don’t call yourself left wing or progressive. To all the media friends and activists who see this and choose to stay silent, your silence is deafening!!! Simianization has a dark and long racist history. To understand why this is all levels of wrong and insensitivity, glance over these articles or read up on simianization, Emmanuel wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday June, 14.
Your so-called left wing progressive newspaper which espouses human values! Left wing yet clearly and willingly racist....
Posted by Emmanuel Achiri on Sunday, June 14, 2020
Emmanuel further disclosed that he met with the newspaper on the issue a while ago to discuss what can be done.

I came together with newspaper editors to discuss this issue a while ago. They explained to me the historical development of the newspaper. However, regardless of their intentions, I said that the choice of Africa and the use of monkeys are problematic at two levels. First, switching from Europe to Africa as a symbol of transition from brightness to darkness strengthens Africa's underdeveloped and backward stereotypes. In addition, the choice of "monkey" is really disturbing and its origin is based on racism.
During our conversation, I noticed that they were fully aware of these effects because several African students previously informed them about this topic. We reached an agreement to solve the matter in a friendly way. I offered VOIS to design a new logo for them. We also agreed to work together on an anti-racist program.
A month later, I came back with the newly designed logo. I was informed that they gave up the idea of ​​changing the logo, although they were aware that it was annoying. However, we did not overreact, we contacted some of our friends (Agnieszka, Faika and Aylin Zeybek) and asked them to mediate. They did it all, but Şener Levent Bey refused to change it.

Responding to the call, Şener Levent, Editor-in-Chief of Afrika Newspaper discussing the subject in a newspaper column said;

We could have put a logo on it, not a monkey, but a Cyprus donkey. But we have nothing in common other than being a Cypriot with a donkey!I know they are smart from us…But it is not enough…We did not come from the donkey…We came from the monkey…Our oldest ancestor…We do not Dokundurt!

Emmanuel in a new Facebook post described his responsible as laughable and expressed his sadness at people's negative opinion to the issue. 

However, the fact that many of you agree with this, makes me sick. I am not even sure how to describe my emotions. I am angry, hurt, bitter, sad, disappointed, nauseous and perplexed. You lot stink!!!

In a turn of event, Şener Levent on Thursday said he's pressing charges against Emmanuel for calling him a racist.
Bugün, Şener Levent’in Voice of International Students’in başkanı Emmanuel Achiri’ye Afrika logosu üzerinden başlayan...
Posted by Umut Bozkurt on Thursday, June 18, 2020

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