Two Turkish Cypriot men broke longest kebab record with 6-meter long kebab in Famagusta

Two Famagusta residents, İrfan Tatlıcı and peach producer Şifa Çalış, on Sunday broke the longest kebab record with a 6-meter long kebab.

The 3.60 record by former record holder İrfan Tatlıcı was broken as a result of the work of İrfan Tatlıcı and Şifa Çalış.

The 6-meter peach kebab was prepared in a barbecue stand by a team of 8 people.

The feet was announced on the social media account of former record holder İrfan Tatlıcı with the slogan #pidenialdagel.

Many citizens who saw the call of Tatlıcı attended the event and ate from the 6-meter peach kebab.

With the record attempt that took place in the presence of a notary, Mağusalı Şifa Çıka won the new record with 6 meters of peach kebab.

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