Special flights to be organized for the gradual arrival of students, schools and wedding canceled until October 1, all arrivals to be quarantined

Preschool, 1st and 2nd grades will continue their education, other education will begin on 1 October while weddings will not be held until 1 October.

The above decisions were made by the Council of Ministers which convened extraordinarily on Monday and announced by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers, which convened at 10.30 am under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Ersin Tatar, was completed at 14.30.

The Council of Ministers decided to close crowded entertainment venues, namely clubs and discos, until October 1, they decided to keep the bars open within the framework of the seating arrangement and due measures.

Rallies and mass meetings within the framework of election were also postponed until October 1, it was decided that sports competitions would continue without an audience.

Considering the local contamination in the country and the increase in the number of cases, short-term quarantine has been implemented for those coming to the country from abroad.

He pointed out that the new measure is an application that will reduce the risk of people who are carrying viruses and who are likely to carry it.

Özersay said those coming from abroad will be kept in short-term quarantine for 7 days after they have made their first test abroad. 

Citizens or not, except students, those who come to the country will pay their quarantine fees themselves.

- Entertainment venues, clubs, discos, casinos where crowded groups are together were closed until 1 OCTOBER. The bars will be open with tables and bistros in the seating arrangement. There will be restrictions on the number of people.

- Education will continue with the necessary measures in the 1st and 2nd grades of pre-school. Apart from this, the training will not start until October 1.

- Classroom, Nursery and Study Centers will remain open.

-Meetings will be held with universities and special flights will be organized for the gradual arrival of university students. Their gradual arrival will be provided in a planned manner.

- VAT and withholding tax was RESET on computers and tablets to facilitate the continuation of online education.

- Election rallies and mass meetings are CANCELED, they will not be held until 1 October.

- Sports competitions will be held without spectators until October 1.

- Children's playgrounds and parks will be closed until October 1.

- There is no obstacle to individual sports.

- It was decided to postpone weddings until October 1.

-It was decided that the police would make inspections on various issues. A meeting will be held with the District Police Boards. The inspection will start from tonight. The rules and criteria of opening and working businesses will be audited.

- Everyone who will be in quarantine will pay the quarantine fee themselves.

-University students will not pay quarantine fees. Citizens who go abroad with health and referrals will not pay.

- In addition to public employees in the risk group, private sector employees who will have this approved by the health board will be provided with allowance.

'An epidemic under control'
Pointing out that the epidemic is under control for now, additional measures may be taken next week to prevent it from getting out of control, Özersay stated that supervision is also important, and that they are aware of their responsibilities. He also pointed out the importance of individuals to protect themselves and take precautions.

Özersay stated that there may be differences of opinion regarding the measures to be taken, but that consensus can be achieved if they are vital issues.

Özersay emphasized that everyone who will come from abroad and enter short-term quarantine will pay the quarantine fee by themselves, whether they are a citizen or not, and that this will be an exception and that university students will not pay the quarantine fees. 

Özersay pointed out that citizens who are sent abroad with referrals for health and similar reasons will not pay quarantine fees in their return, and that this fee will be paid by the Ministry of Finance, and also reminded the regulations made in the public sector regarding employees with chronic diseases and in the risk group. 

Özersay pointed out that they have made a decision in today's Council of Ministers to make a similar arrangement for private sector employees, and that private sector employees who are in the risk group will receive a certain salary support from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, with the report they will receive from the Ministry of Health Health Board. announced that it would be made possible. 

Emphasizing that the decisions taken will come into force as of tomorrow morning, Kudret Özersay said that the needs are constantly changing during the process, the epidemic is under control for now, and the measures taken in the coming days may be further aggravated or additional measures can be taken within the framework of changing needs and changing conditions in order not to get out of control. 

Pointing out the importance of the government taking measures to prevent the epidemic, Özersay emphasized that the implementation and supervision of these measures are important and they are aware of their responsibilities as a government. 

Pointing out the importance of individuals to protect themselves and take their own precautions, Özersay asked for the necessary sensitivity to be shown as a society. 

Özersay noted that the epidemic can be controlled in the TRNC, and that the government will continue to show the necessary determination as the government to keep the epidemic out of control, although there are occasional differences of opinion. 

Özersay, who also answered the questions after his statements, noted that for those who will come to the country for 3 days or less, the entry without quarantine will be subject to the permission of the Health Board and the Ministry of Health. 

Özersay stated that people who will be subject to permission will have to come to the country with the double test application and return before 3 days. 

Özersay said that at the meeting today, only a decision was taken regarding the election campaign process, apart from that, no other decision was taken because there is no election at the moment. 
Stating that the cancellation of the election will not be possible if today's conditions continue on the election day.

On another question, Özersay added that he had previously issued a circular for cafes, restaurants and taverns and that these would be inspected within this framework. 

Source: Yeniduzen

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