TRNC Ministry of Health announces new decisions extends measures till October, 1

The TRNC Ministry of Health has announced a new decision taken by the Infectious Diseases Supreme Committee regarding the Covid-19 outbreak in the country. 

According to the decisions taken, the quarantine decisions taken until September 20 has been extended until midnight on October 1.  

Bars were also closed until the same date. In addition, students coming from abroad will be required to present  a test performed done within 0 - 120 hours.

The explanation is as follows;

In line with the decisions taken by the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee under the Communicable Diseases Law 45/2018, the Ministry of Health has decided to implement the following Additional Precautionary Decisions.

  1. The quarantine decisions taken until 20 September 2020 will be extended until midnight, October, 1, 2020.
  2. Distribution of brochures by hand during the election and referendum propaganda will increase the risk of contamination, so this practice should not be carried out.
  3. There will be more frequent and continuous inspection of taverns, restaurants and bet offices by municipalities and closing down of businesses that do not comply with the rules
  4. Bars will be closed until October, 1, 2020 due to disregarding distance rules.
  5. Students who will enter the country from Group B and C countries will be able to enter the country by presenting a negative PCR test result done within 0-120 hours before the boarding date. Those coming from countries in group B will stay in quarantine for 7 days and those coming from countries in group C for 14 days.
  6. PCR test will be done to everyone who is quarantined at the end of their quarantine period (at the end of the 7th day or at the end of the 14th day). It was decided to complete the quarantine periods provided that the PCR test results obtained at the end of the quarantine were negative.

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