TRNC updates countries categories and travel measures

The TRNC Ministry of Health on Wednesday announced that the categories of many countries have changed according to the risk assessment made on Tuesday.

Accordingly, Estonia, Norway and Canada, which were in Group A, were moved to Group B, and Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Monaco, Hungary and Slovenia from Group B to Group C.

Serbia which was in group C was moved to group B and Australia to group A.

In a statement, the Ministry of Health said, "Travel practices regarding the New Categories will enter into force as of September 25, 23:59."

The statement is as follows:

"Category A

1) Finland, 2) South Korea, 3). Lithuania, 4) Latvia, 5) New Zealand, 6.) Thailand, 7) Australia

* From countries in category A, those who come to the TRNC via Southern Cyprus and show the negative PCR test results in the last 72 hours to the Ministry of Health official will be able to enter the country. These persons will not be subject to routine testing or quarantine.

* If the people come to Northern Cyprus from Turkey which is in category B, the rules will be applied.

* People who work, receive education and treatment in Southern Cyprus and those who travel south due to other reasons will be able to continue their journey to Southern Cyprus by having PCR test done only once. However, these people will be given random PCR tests. In addition, everyone living in Southern Cyprus will be able to enter the country by showing a negative PCR result only once.

* All citizens residing in Pile will be able to continuously switch to Pile or Pile to North, provided that they show a PCR negative test result for once on their first pass.

* Personnel of diplomatic missions, UN, EU, British Bases Area and similar international organizations in Cyprus will be asked to show a negative PCR result for one time on the first pass. These people will also be tested for random PCR.

Category B

1) Denmark, 2.) Ireland, 3) Iceland, 4) Japan, 5) Poland, 6) Belgium, 7) Italy, 8) Vatican, 9) San Marino, 10) Rwanda, 11) Uruguay, 12) China + Hong Kong including, 13) Singapore, 14) Turkey 15) Greece 16) United Kingdom, 17) Sweden, 18) Liechtenstein, 19) Slovakia, 20) Germany, 21) Georgia, 22) in Estonia, 23) Norway 24 ) Canada, 25) Serbia, 26) Taiwan *

Persons coming to TRNC from countries in category B;

a) They will be able to enter the country by submitting the negative PCR test result they have made between 0-120 hours before the travel start date to the Ministry of Health officer at the door as a document, and if they do not, they will not be taken into the country. However, those coming from countries in group B will be quarantined in quarantine centers determined by the state for 7 days after entering the country. On the 7th day of the quarantine, the PCR test will be done and the quarantine can be terminated according to the result.

 b) Officials in TRNC to Turkey and then to the TRNC from Turkey will be quarantined for 72 hours in returning to their countries by implementing the measures necessary condition for the task.

c) Students who will come to the TRNC due to their higher education will be isolated for 7 days in the dormitories or hotels determined by the university.

d) The quarantine practices of those who go abroad for health reasons will be evaluated if they apply to the Ministry of Health.

* Persons coming from Taiwan will be asked to have a document in English showing that they have been in Taiwan for the last 14 days.

Category C

1) United States of America, 2) Brazil, 3) Argentina, 4.) Montenegro, 5.) Portugal, 6) Luxembourg, 7) Romania, 8) India, 9) Iran, 10) Israel, 11) Kazakhstan, 12) Kosovo, 13) Mexico, 14) Egypt, 15) Pakistan, 16) Russia, 17) Turkmenistan, 18) Bangladesh, 19) Philippines, 20) Iraq, 21) Spain, 22) France, 23) Bulgaria, 24) Algeria, 25) Morocco, 26) Qatar, 27) Azerbaijan, 28) Malta, 29) Croatia, 30) Netherlands, 31) Andorra, 32) Tunisia, 33) United Arab Emirates, 34) Lebanon, 35) Ukraine, 36) Bahrain, 37) Saudi Arabia, 38.) Switzerland, 39) Monaco, 40) Hungary, 41) Slovenia, 42) Czech Republic, 43) Austria and other countries

* For people coming from countries in category C, it is obligatory to submit the PCR test result, which is made between 0-120 hours before the boarding date, and the result is negative, to the Ministry of Health officials when they enter the TRNC. These people will remain in quarantine in a quarantine center determined by the Ministry of Health for 14 days and will be tested for PCR at the end of the quarantine.


1- PCR test results will not be requested from children in the 0-5 age group who will enter the country.

2- The 0-120 hours before the boarding date stated above will be evaluated based on the date of delivery of the PCR samples.

3- The PCR test results taken 6 days before or older than the travel date will not be considered valid when entering the country. People who submit tests in this way will not be admitted to the country.

5- Passengers coming from Turkey to the TRNC has no obligation of QR code on the PCR test results.

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