7-day full lockdown in Lefkosa, 14-day full lockdown in Kyrenia and full lockdown on weekends- Full details

From midnight, Wednesday, February, 27, full lockdown will be imposed in Lefkosa and Kyrenia while at weekend, full lockdown will be imposed through out the TRNC.

The lockdown in Lefkosa will last for one week while the lockdown in Girne will last for two weeks. There will be no movement during this period except necessary.

Announcing the new decision on Tuesday, TRNC Prime Minister Ersan Saner said workplace activities are banned in Lefkosa and Kyrenia while some sectors would remain open.  

According to the decision, market, gas station, pharmacies will remain open while takeaway services of restaurants will remain open.

Meanwhile, the partial night curfew for Tuesday evening will be implemented from 10:00pm in the whole country and from Wednesday, partial night curfew will start from 8:00pm to 5:00am in other parts of the TRNC.

For the weekend curfew, restrictions will be imposed throughout the country from 8:00pm on Friday January 29 until 5:00am on Monday, February 1. During this period, "It will be forbidden to go out in the street throughout the whole country"

-KYRENIA: Lockdown start from 12:01am on Wednesday January, 27 until 11:59pm on Wednesday, February, 10. 

-LEFKOŞA: Lockdown start from 12:00am on Wednesday January, 27 until 11:59pm on Wednesday, February, 3.  

- ALL COUNTRY: Lockdown all over the country will start from 8:00pm on Friday, January 29 to 5:00am on Monday, February 1.

During this period, face-to-face education will be suspended while education will be carried out online in all educational institutions except nursery and special education.

A statement by the Ministry of Health on the subject said: 

Local transmission has increased with the increasing number of local cases in our country and the increase in contact persons accordingly. In addition, patients who are positive for Covid19 are prevented from giving information about their contacts, encouraged to give false and / or incomplete statements, and the contacts' hiding themselves is a big problem. In addition to all these, the fact that people with symptoms do not apply to health services on time and go to their workplaces and continue their social life without isolating themselves in this situation causes an increase in the number of contacts and makes it difficult to control local contamination.

It is an inevitable fact that the number of beds, services and healthcare personnel serving in the hospital will be insufficient due to the increasing number of symptomatic patients who are positive for Covid 19 and need to be treated in the hospital.

When all these are taken into account and / or observed, it was predicted that there will be a sudden increase in the number of cases. The decisions taken were made in line with this prediction in order to prevent our health system from a burden that it could not bear and to keep the epidemic under control.

In line with the Decisions taken by the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee under the Communicable Diseases Law 45/2018, the Ministry of Health has decided to implement the following Additional Precautionary Decisions.

The rules is as follows;

1. It has been decided to extend the quarantine decisions according to countries until Sunday, January, 31, 2021 until a second decision is made.

2. Until the re-evaluation to be made on February, 2, 2021 due to the increasing local contamination in Kyrenia and Lefkosa district; it has been decided to close / cease all activities and workplaces other than those listed below.

The following services will remain open in the districts of Lekosa and Kyrenia

- Businesses providing services within the framework of meeting basic needs such as pharmacy, gas station, bakery, butcher, market and their suppliers will be open while restaurants will be opened for take-away services only.

- Auto vehicle recovery, emergency breakdown services of internet service providers will continue.

- Companies providing private security services will continue its activities.

- Water producers, distributors and sellers continue to serve

- Livestock, agriculture, construction, food and needs suppliers of these sectors are deemed appropriate to continue their activities.

3 . It has been decided to stop the entering and exit into and out of the districts of Kyrenia and Lefkosa from other districts. In this process, police, health, fire brigade, civil aviation, printers, electricity institutions, municipalities, banks and accountants residing in Kyrenia and Lefkosa districts will be able to continue their entry and exit, provided that they document the yellow press card holder and / or press employees. In addition, in order to avoid any disruption in public services in Ministries and Departments affiliated with the Ministries, employees who work according to the working order deemed appropriate by the highest authority will continue their duties if needed.

4. It is recommended by the board to impose full-time curfews in Lefkosa and Girne districts, extend the curfew imposed by the Council of Ministers in districts other than these districts, and initiate the curfew at 8:00pm.

5. From January 27, 2021 to February 10, 2021 all state and private schools, all pre-school, primary and secondary education in face-to-face training (classroom, study, including special lectures and course activities) will be stopped and transit to online education. This application does not include kindergartens and special education centers.

6. Patients residing in Northern Cyprus and receiving routine treatment / treatments in Southern Cyprus are deemed appropriate to move to Southern Cyprus without daily quarantine in order to avoid suffering and to complete their treatment. The patient and his attendant (if necessary) who will be transferring for health purposes are required to submit the negative PCR test results made within the last 3 days upon arrival. In addition, patients and companions returning to the TRNC after the treatment should perform PCR tests again on the seventh and fourteenth days of their entry into the country and submit the results to our Ministry.

7. Within the scope of the Green Line Regulation, it has been deemed appropriate for people engaged in contactless trade to trade to continue without quarantine.

8. It has been deemed appropriate that ambulances pass through the Yeşilırmak Border Gate for health purposes only without quarantine, and other passages are subject to quarantine.

9. Persons residing or working in Pile will be able to transfer without quarantine, provided that they submit the current negative PCR test results within 72 hours.

10. UN, EU, British Bases, Buffer Zone and Peace Corps staff will be able to enter without quarantine, provided that they submit negative PCR test results within the last 72 hours.

11. Funerals can only hold with the participation of only first degree relatives.

12. It has been decided to stop the team sports training and competitions until the next decision.

13. It has been decided that the passage of persons residing in the North and working in Southern Cyprus is subject to quarantine until the next decision.

14. It has been decided that the passage of persons residing in the South and working in Northern Cyprus will be subject to quarantine until the next decision.

15. It has been deemed appropriate for people residing in Beyarmudu to make a daily pass to the Bases Region without quarantine in order to carry out animal husbandry and agriculture activities in the Bases Region.

16. Ban on workplace ceremonies, weddings, cinema, theater, birthday, collective worship, engagement, wedding, religious festival, etc. is extend until the next decision.

17. Home visit is prohibited while family members other than the nuclear family can not come together.

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