TRNC plans to give coronavirus vaccines to teachers, staff, lecturers in other to start face-to-face education by April

The TRNC plans to give coronavirus vaccines to teachers, administrative staff, academicians and other employees in other to start face-to-face education by April. 

Minister of National Education and Culture Olgun Amcaoğlu on Wednesday, said the Ministry is working in this field.

He stated that due to the epidemic, distance education was started in the TRNC, as in the whole world, adding that there were various problems related to this.

Amcaoğlu said that the conditions of bringing university students who can graduate from applied faculties to the island were determined with the motion of the Council of Ministers on February 13, and said that the students could get on the plane with the PCR test performed in the last 72 hours and that they would remain in quarantine between 10 and 14 depending on the country they came from.

He underlined that they want to revive the higher education sector, which has been making efforts for more than 20 years, has been given incentives and is one of the most important service sectors.  

Students who come to Cyprus in March, especially senior students, will continue to take their theoretical courses online until they switch to face-to-face education. 

Starting from the first week of April, they will continue their applied education in their faculties sparsely. 

Emphasizing that higher education is very important for the future of the TRNC, Amcaoğlu drew attention to the fact that all sectors are linked to higher education.

Amcaoğlu stated that 17 thousand 550 students are envisaged to be brought in by March, 4 thousand students have been brought to the island so far and a minimum of 10 thousand students are planned to come to the TRNC. 

Stating that coordination is made with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health for the introduction of students, no one has the chance to make mistakes, and a mistake is of great importance for both education and the future of the country.

Amcaoğlu said that the Ministry is working to re-educate 53 thousand students in primary, secondary and high schools, He emphasized that Kovid-19 vaccination is important in this regard. 

Amcaoğlu said that, after the initiation of vaccination in the TRNC, they, as the Ministry, delivered the vaccination plan they made on the basis of districts to the Ministry of Health, and pointed out that all teachers, administrative personnel, academicians and employees in schools should be vaccinated for the continuation of education.

Amcaoğlu, notd that "If 20 thousand 500 people, including teachers, administrative staff, academicians and other employees, are vaccinated, there are about 53 thousand primary, secondary and high school students and 82 thousand higher education students, 155 thousand 500 people in total. 

We will be able to bring them to the streets for education. We demand what needs to be done to minimize the risks and prevent the education from being interrupted again, he said.  

TRNC Prime Minister Ersan Saner said until the first week in April they were planning to vaccinate people in the education sector.  

Minister Amcaoğlu explained that they wanted to open the doors of schools with the vaccination of teachers, academicians and other employees, and aim to vaccinate all students with the vaccine supply and that the experts informed them in this way.  

Amcaoğlu, who also addressed the families of the students coming from abroad, said:

Every child who will come here for education is our child. First, he is the life and canana of his mother and father, then he is the child of the TRNC. The families should not worry about this. In order for the students to receive their education in a healthy and safe way, the necessary actions will be taken.

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