Returning to lockdown not on the government's agenda - Prime Minister

Closure of the country is not on the agenda despite the increasing number of coronavirus cases, said TRNC Prime Minister, Ersan Saner.

Ersan Saner made the statement during an interview with journalists on Wednesday.

Saner pointed out that the numbers have increased due to the increase in the number of tests as a result of wide screenings and that the closure of the country should not be on the agenda.

He pointed out the importance of obeying the social distancing, the use of mask and other rules and asked everyone to obey these rules.

Referring to the figures in the world, he noted that the measures taken by the TRNC regarding the corona epidemic and the figures are at a good point. 

The TRNC was coping much better with COVID-19 when compared to other countries, he said. 

It is true we are seeing a rise in cases but the TRNC is faring much better compared to other countries. I can say for sure that North Cyprus is in a good place at the moment, he said. 

He said the government will be producing new decisions at the end of the week after examining the recommendations of the Higher Committee for Infectious Diseases. 

Saner added that the government did not favour lockdowns but warned that the public must adhere to the measures in place so as to prevent this from happening.

On the issue of vaccines, Saner said the TRNC is expecting another 40,000 doses to be delivered in the coming days. 

Asked to comment on the government’s plans to switch to a home-quarantine system, Saner said that being able to monitor and inspect those who will be asked to isolate and quarantine at home was important. 

There will be different wristbands for those staying at home and those staying at hotels. But we shall be monitoring everyone who needs to isolate or be in quarantine. These will be citizens who have come into contact with previously identified positive cases or tourists on holiday as part of the closed-circuit system. Those who have tested positive will not be included in the home-quarantine system, he stressed.

Speaking on education, he said about 10,500 university students had returned to the island to resume their education face-to-face. 

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