28-year-old foreigner sentenced to one year imprisonment for assaulting his 45-year-old Greek Cypriot girlfriend

A 28-year-old foreigner has been sentenced to one year imprisonment for grave damage and serious assault and one month for drug possession by a court in Famagusta, northern Cyprus after he was arrested for assaulting his Greek Cypriot 45-year-old girlfriend.

The two decisions announced separately, were taken unanimously by the Famagusta Heavy Penal Court, composed of President Fatma Şenol, Senior Judge Ayşen Toroslu, and Judge Hazan Aksun on Tuesday, June, 22.

In both resolutions, it was emphasized that crimes should be prevented by emphasizing the prevalence, seriousness and gravity of the crimes in the society.

According to police report, the accused, identified with the initials, B.D, 28 severely battered his 45-year-old ex-girlfriend identified with the initials, A.D, a Greek-Cypriot citizen, on the grounds that she was constantly calling him and disturbing him after she approached him on a beach in Küçük Erenköy in Tatlısu, on June,6 2020.

Police report claimed that he threw stones at her while under the influence of alcohol and broke her back by beating her with his hands and feet. 

She was hospitalized after the incident. 

The court also mentioned that the accused committed a drug crime and had a small amount of drugs in his possession. 

Noting that such behaviors that aim to intimidate women by using the power of men, should be prevented in the country, the court emphasized that deterrent and exemplary punishments should be given to those who commit such crimes and those who will attempt to commit such crimes so that women can live in peace in society as self-confident and equal individuals. . 

Noting that life and bodily integrity are constitutionally guaranteed, the court stated that deterrent and exemplary punishment is inevitable in order to prevent such crimes. 

The court noted that they were convinced that the most appropriate and fairest sentence that could be given to the accused was imprisonment, and unanimously sentenced the defendant to 1 year imprisonment for grave damage and serious assault and 1 month for drug possession.

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