'Quarantine uncertainty scares students' from North Cyprus universities

Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Cyprus Student Dormitories Union, Ekrem Soyşen mentioned that quarantine uncertainty is scaring foreign students from coming to the TRNC for studies. 

This is coming after the chaos caused by the government of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus demanding that students from Dark Red and Grey Countries pay a fee of 5,400 Turkish Lira for quarantine before traveling to the country.

According to Ekrem Soyşen, the government's decision was not communicated to the students.” He argued that the Council of Ministers decided to open face-to-face education in the country, but did not take any practical steps even though the opening period of the schools was approaching.  

Calling on big universities affiliated with the government to make this announcement as soon as possible, Soyşen said: “Large state-affiliated universities such as European University of Lefke and Eastern Mediterranean University did not officially announce this decision. I attribute this partly to the indifference of the government. They should have met with the rectors and ensured that the decision was announced. Currently, students abroad have not taken a clear step to come here because there is no official statement from the social media or web accounts of the universities. We are almost into September. Unless a clear statement is made from universities and relevant ministries, students will not be able to buy tickets,

Soyşen pointed out that another problem that prevented the student's arrival was the uncertainty about quarantine.  

Stating that from which regions and under what conditions students will be accepted and the quarantine conditions have not been clearly explained, Soyşen called on the Ministries of Health and Transport to make a statement. 

Explaining that they are trying to help the government in the quarantine, Soyşen said that they have not received a response yet: “We tried to contribute to this process by sending a letter to the Ministry of National Education. Instead of quarantine hotels, we suggested that students wear wristbands and stay free of charge in the dormitories where they registered or in the houses they rented. Despite this, some students coming to the island, especially from third countries, are sent to hotels with a quarantine fee of 5,400 TL.

Stating that no one wants to pay such a large quarantine fee with the money for the plane ticket, Soyşen urged the government officials to take appropriate decisions and take concrete steps on the issue.

Also on the same issue, Bahcesehir University Rector, Prof. Dr. Zafer Ağdelen said new students are worried; “It is early to talk about the number of new students who will enroll, but we observe that students coming from abroad are worried. Especially quarantine fees and vaccination issues are a big problem for students. The quarantine fees were previously covered by the government, but a clear decision has not yet been made as to how it will be.”

Near East University (NEU) Vice Rector Murat Tüzünkan stated that the quarantine rules should be adjusted well so that students can come without any problems. He said the university will continue to provide online education services for students in dark red countries who cannot come.”

Girne American University (GAU) Rector Prof. Dr. Ali Haydar explained that the main factor that will determine the numbers is that the students are brought to the island in a healthy way. Haydar stated that the country conditions and quarantine processes of citizens coming from third countries will also affect the number of students who will enroll.

Officials of Higher Education Department have announced that work on planning continues and a clear statement will be made about quarantine rules this week.


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