TRNC Government changed it's decision to charge vaccinated people for coronavirus tests

TRNC Prime Minister, Ersan Saner has announced that Covid-19 tests would be carried out free of charge for people who have been vaccinated against the disease.

According to a report by, Yeniduzen, Saner said that, “testing expenses of vaccinated persons will be covered by the State“, but did not give details about rapid (antigen) and PCR tests.

Following an outcry against charges for testing to come into force on September 1, the prime minister met with ministers and partly reversed the decision to charge everyone except schoolchildren for testing.

In his statement after the meeting, the Prime Minister said, “We have previously taken a decision to promote vaccination. However, we also have a serious resource shortage. Despite this, we are revising our previous decision in order not to create weakness in our fight against the epidemic by forcing all our means. Please understand us. We do not continue our lives by testing. We must comply with vaccination and mask, distance and hygiene conditions”, he said.

While the Covid-19 epidemic continues, we continue our efforts for vaccination on the one hand, and on the other hand, we continue an opening process in the light of the demands from all sectors and the opinions of our relevant boards.

“It is a fact that the opening process has reflected positively on our economy. As everyone knows, our goal is to revive all sectors as soon as possible and to restore them to their former state, or even better, as soon as the epidemic passes. “However, there has been an alarming increase in cases in recent days. 

“The only reason for the worrying increases in the numbers between 10-17 August and 17-24 August is that our vaccination rate remains at fifty percent, and we do not follow the rules properly. “So it’s clear what we need to do.

“While we, as the government, continue to do whatever falls on us, our people should give importance to vaccination, and the relevant authorities should do their inspection duties completely.

“As the decisions we took at our last Council of Ministers meeting created a sensitivity in our society, we made a situation assessment with my fellow Ministers today.

“As a result of this evaluation, we have come to the point where the test expenses of vaccinated people are covered by the State.

“However, those who will leave the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for travel purposes will cover the expenses of the tests requested from them.

“Details will be shared with the public in the coming days.

“I wish everyone a healthy and happy day and present our respects”.

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