3 Cameroonians stranded in buffer zone between North and South Cyprus for over 101 days

Three Cameroonians, who crossed from north Cyprus to south Cyprus on May 26, 2021 and sought political asylum, have been kept in the buffer zone for over 101 days.

According to report by Greek Cypriot daily, Politis,the 3 Cameroonians named Grays, 34, Daniel, 20 and Emin, 33 crossed from north to south Cyprus and requested political asylum, but the police there did not allow them to pass from the buffer zone to the south. 

The newspaper, which wrote that 3 Cameroonians could neither return to the north nor enter the south, stated that these people had been staying in two tents provided by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees for more than three months. 

Stating that the food and water needs of these people are provided by various organizations, the newspaper wrote that their hygiene needs are met at certain days and times of the week in the building next door, except for weekends. 

According to the news, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Emilia Strovolidu told the newspaper that the issue was “the Republic of Cyprus allowing these people to reach the political asylum process and be transferred to the reception center in Purnara until the process progresses”. 

Strovolidu stated that on the basis of international and European laws, all persons have the right to a political asylum procedure, regardless of whether they entered the country legally or illegally. 

In another news, Greek Cyprus Interior Minister Nikos Nuris said "all reception centers are full and they do not have the capacity to accept more people".

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